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Discover, Grow & Focus Your Passion.

About PPGA

Our gym has been created with a focused intention to produce high level athletes with attention to safety and body preservation equipment to learn high level skills without overuse injuries. We believe in taking a positive in, positive out growing principles approach focused on growing character plus gymnastics.  

We are passionate about the details – from technique, to the look, to the presentation and the consistent confidence in the skills we teach and the routines we help our athletes to produce.

Beautiful, Safe, Technical Gymnastics

Small class sizes & positive environment. Producing NCAA Scholarship Athletes. 

Character Building Coaching Philosophy

From The Discovery To The Focused Passion Level. Our Program Builds great athletes & better people

Focused 1 on 1 Athlete Growth Planning

Our Program Takes A Fully Customized Approach To Ensure Each Student Reaches Their Goals.


Adam & Rebecca Kay

24+ Years of Producing high level, confident, happy gymnast all over the USA.

Over 12 years of College coaching better prepares club athletes for NCAA competition.

Extensive background in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and modern dance. Bringing an artistic technical dance balance to the Passion Plus program.

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Adam Ah Quin is passionate about the sport of gymnastics. For the past 24 years, Adam has proven to produce high level, confident, happy gymnasts.  Adam has a track record of helping all different ability-level gymnasts achieve their highest potential, placing many of them in NCAA programs across the country. Currently Adam is the volunteer assistant at Southern Utah University where he assists Scott Bauman, Jeff Richards, and Jamie Wysong in coaching the Thunderbird Gymnastics Program.  Working with current scholarship athletes helps Adam to see what needs to be done at a club level to better prepare his athletes for NCAA competition. 

Adam coaches alongside his Wife, Rebecca Kay Ah Quin who has an extensive background in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and modern dance.  She brings to the table the artistic technical dance balance to the Passion Plus program making sure all our athletes have a high level look and appeal to impress not only judges but college coaches around the country.

Passion Plus Gymnastics


Our Programs have been specially designed to meet the level of passion interest for every athlete aspiring to their individual gymnastics goals. We do this by keeping a 1-on-1 focused passion mapping approach. By keeping small class sizes with a high level technical, positive, and safe approach – we can build upon the God given talents that each individual brings to us and help them achieve their passion focused goals.   We believe that passion = purpose and purpose brings fulfillment.  By teaching our athletes how to accomplish their goals, we believe that accomplishment grows character and self-esteem.

Add To Self Principles
  1.   Plan
  2.  Prepare
  3.  Execute
  4.  Accomplish
  5.  Discuss & Review
  6.  Change, Adjust, Move Forward
Growing Principles
  1.  Open Mind
  2.  Hard Work
  3.  Positive Attitude
  4.  Integrity
  5.  Passion Interest Mapping

Discover Passion

Our entry level program for students new to gymnastics.  Here we teach the basics in a safe and positive environment.

Growing Passion

This program is designed for athletes that want to continue to grow and develop their passion for gymnastics through a completely personalized approach. Building on the basics, each student makes and reaches goals to gain confidence and grow their passion for gymnastics.

Focused Passion

Our program for elite gymnasts that want to compete and push themselves to their highest potential. With over 24 years of College coaching experience, Adam Ah Quin has designed this program to build scholarship level athletes with the training and technical skills to take them as far as they want to go.

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(435) 334-3880 

To get started at Passion Plus Gymnastics Academy, we do a short evaluation with every athlete to determine what program is the best fit for their goals.